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Hi! My name is Dan. I was the person who did the report about Tulum. I am in 6th grade and I’m getting straight A’s. On Thursdays I go to the Enhanced Learning Center where I created the document about Tulum. For entertainment I like to play video games and of course I like to hang with my friends. My favorite T.V. show is South Park. I find it to be extremely funny. Those of you who agree with me I have an E-mail address listed below so just e-mail me. Also if you like the web page just give me a buzz. I also like to listen to KORN.  Here's my e-mail address 

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    Howdy! I’m Tom, in case ya haven’t already noticed. I did the report on Teotihuacan. In my spare time I like to play cards, play the cello and piano. I play basketball and baseball on a team. I like to listen to listen to Beatles music. I like to play video games and hang with my friends (heard that before?). When I am at school I like math and science. If you like my web page on Teotihuacan, just give me an E-mail at . Thanks for coming to our site!

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    Hey! I’m the one who did the part on Palenque. During my free time I like to play N64 games, play football, I also like to play Magic The Gathering, also I like to play pokémon a game for gameboy. At school I like math. If you want to know some more stuff on the Maya just E-mail me at . Thanks for coming!

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